Is food or drink (non-alcoholic) allowed to be consumed?

No alcoholic drinks / food to be consumed on the buses (Water & soft drinks are ok).

What are your cancellation fees?

  • Cancellations made 24 hours prior for mini buses (No charge).
  • Cancellations for mini buses booked through our app no refunds apply.
  • Cancellations made from 24 hours prior for Coaches (25% of the full quoted price will be charged).
  • Cancellations made from 12 hours prior for Coaches (75% of the full quoted price will be charged).
  • Cancellations made on the day of travel no refunds will be made and full payment will be charged.

When do I need to pay for my journey?


When you have confirmed your booking and you do-not have an account full payment is required upon confirmation.

AD-Hoc mini buses

When you call or place a booking or catch a mini bus off the rank or hale a mini bus payment is required upfront when you enter the bus.

Are there anchor points available for child seats?

Some buses have anchor points for child seats, please check with our control operator when making the booking.

Metro mini bus DO NOT supply child seats.

Does the quoted price include a luggage trailer?

Unless specified in writing in your quote luggage trailers incur extra charges.

If I add an extra stops & waiting time how much will this be?

Unless specified in writing in your quote all extra stops incur extra charges (Charges range from $10 to $25).

All mini buses have a standard 4 minutes free waiting time all extra waiting time will be charged @ $1 per minute up to half an hour if waiting time exceeds half hour the fare will revert to charter rate being $130 per hour.

What are the payment methods and when is final payment due?


  • Payment can be made by credit card over the phone and you will be required to complete a credit card authorisation form.
  • You may request a invoice and make full payment via direct deposit within 24 hours as long as the booking is not within 24 hours.
  • Full payment is required upon confirmation.
  • All payments made via credit cards or any other card over the phone will incur a 1.5% surcharge.

AD-Hoc mini buses

  • Payment can be made in cash to the driver or by card prior to travel.
  • The eftpos terminals in the mini buses attract a 5% surcharge by the owners of the terminal.

Do the larger coaches have storage?

All coaches have luggage storage, when we are quoting your movements we will need to know how many bags you will have as there may be times we will need a trailer.

How many passengers can fit in a mini bus and what size coaches do we have?

Mini bus configurations

13 Passengers + driver / One wheelchair + 7 Able passengers / Two wheelchairs + 3 able passengers.


Our coaches are 24 / 33 / 39 / 48 / 53 / 61 Seats.

Rules of travel

  1. This is a multi hire vehicle, please pay driver as you enter.
  2. Each individual person or group is responsible for their own full fare.
  3. No drinking, smoking, eating or abusive behaviour will be tolerated.
  4. All public holidays will attract the following surcharges;
  5. Fares up to $30 surcharge $2.00, fares over $30.00 surcharge $4.00.
  6. Wheelchairs attract a $5.00 levy on top of the price.